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ya know...

Everyone was always telling me that life would be hard, but I never really listened to them that much. I never really realized what they were talking about, and what it all meant. But now that I'm in college and working and stuff, I see what they were talking about.

School was always easy for me, just something I never really had to work hard at. I guess everyone has something they just don't have to work hard at. I always enjoyed the social aspect of school. I never liked the classes, tests, or homework, but visiting with all my friends and standing around talking and listening was always fun.

The majority of people at DSHS sucked pretty hardcore, but there were still some pretty cool people. I hated how everyone always thought that they were better than you because of something stupid, like the car they drove or what they did on the weekends or other stupid shit like that. That was one major factor at Denham that I couldn't stand. People always had to stereotype everyone and get in each other business.

But, as bad as I say high school was, it still had its good parts. It's a part of my life now that I have to leave behind in order to be able to move forward with things. I got my last yearbook from DSHS Friday, and as I looked through it, I realized that I will always miss high school in a way, because it symbolizes a part of my life that is closed. I will always have the memories, not just have school, but of the people I met and became friends with, to my jobs, my family, and just all the experiences I went through and the lessons that I learned.

I guess I just took my old life from granted sometimes. I just have to accept that all the years of my childhood are in the past, and that that book is closed. Now I have only the future to look forward too. All the new people that I'll meet and all the friends that I have had throughout life. The true friends are the people that really matter out of life. Those are the people that want the best for you or understand all the stuff that is going on in your life without you even having to say a word about it. They are just there for you. Those are the people that you should surround yourself with and keep close to you, because those are the people that will get you places in life.

...Perhaps that is the greatest lesson I have learned.



December 2006

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